Summer down time

By the time Christmas 2019 was over I was in need of some self care that’s for sure. It had been a big year. I had planned to take a break from my art over the January period to reset with hope to start fresh in the new year.

I think I had stepped away for just over two weeks when the itch for creating came. After all, art is so relaxing for me. Especially when there was no pressure. Being Summer there is always that influence of the seasons and I felt the urge to use a warm palette. The year before I had started a “warm” version of Restore and I thought I’ll just continue on and finish off what I’d started.

Not only did I complete this earthy version of Restore but I had explored the same scene over and over of smaller canvases. Something I hadn’t done for some time. What had come of it all was a whole series, mainly smaller artworks with just a few of my ordinary sizes.

To me, the scene reminds me of a Summers morning around the undulating hills of Skenes Creek or Johanna. Most of my childhood memories of the Great Ocean Road are of these hills since they were the closest to home. I’ve always been captivated by the unusual shapes of these hills and this is my abstract interpretation of them.

The Summer Hues series came from such an authentic exploration of the colour palette and Otway area, I hope you enjoy them too.

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Lauren Danger