About Me

Hi! I’m Lauren and I’m an Otway born creative, growing up around the most beautiful rainforests Victoria has to offer. Today, I enjoy the freedom and bliss that comes from painting my intuitive, impressionistic style abstracts.  My perfect day is having the sun beam in though into my art studio with a paintbrush in hand, an array of colourful paints and my best buddy, my dog, Jet under my table.

From a young age I was always drawing on everything I owned and once school ended, so did my artistic goals.  It was time to make a living, study, work towards something sensible and safe for my future.

By the end of my twenties the soullessness of living this way finally caught up with me.  I was unwell, lifeless and unhappy, even though I take great pride in my health. 

This spurred me to do a health coaching course.  I needed to know why I felt so unhappy despite my best efforts to work hard and look after myself.  It was eye opening for me to learn that creativity was a critical part of our health.  This was a turning point for me.

I first got curious, delving into water colours, then acrylic paints. I was hooked.  I embraced the intuitive nature of my art.  Elsewhere in my life I analyse, plan, evaluate, complicate every single detail until it becomes quite overwhelming.  But when I paint, I feel the freedom I’ve been longing for. No rules.  It’s liberating.

I’m drawn to the beautiful natural form around me, clouds and the coastline.  Slowly a landscape will unfold before my eyes and it’s deeply satisfying and exciting to stand back and observe what has just come through me onto the canvas. 

As a result it goes without saying, my health and more importantly happiness has been brought back into balance through my art.  I’m so glad you get to enjoy the final product with me.