Limited edition prints have landed

I’ve had my sights set on having my artworks available in print for over a year.  It feels amazing to say that all the little bits and pieces behind the scenes have come together.

I wanted to take you through some details so you know more about the art and the process.  A bit of an answer to your FAQ’s.

My artworks have been professionally photographed in high resolution.   

This means that most of the detail from the artwork is in the photograph.  From there, the image is colour corrected and edited so that what you’re looking at on your print looks darn close to the real thing.  As close as I can get.

This takes skill.  So this is where Frameline Framing in Geelong step in to help.  You can check their site out here.


These girls have done an incredible job taking the images of my artworks that later become your prints.

Frameline Framing specialise in “Giclée” fine art digital prints 

“Giclée” (pronounced “gee-clay”) stems from the French term, “gicler”, meaning “spray/spurt” of liquid, in this case, ink.  Referring to the way in which the ink is applied to the paper by the printer.

The specific type of inkjet printer used to create a giclée print uses high quality, archival pigment inks, together with high quality paper/canvas to create your image.

Galleries use this method to make their fine art reproductions because it’s the highest quality, durability and colour fastness you can get.

There’s 2 choices for the surface of your print

In the design process, I listened to your feedback combined with what suits my artworks when it came to choosing what my prints would be printed on.

There’s such an array of papers and surfaces to choose from.  I believe the two I narrowed it down to helped translate the softness and calm of the colour and feeling you get from the original works.  These are:

  • 100% Cotton Smooth Rag, 300gsm, archival and acid free
  • Canvas, 340gsm, poly-cotton (which has a more even texture and better stretching ability)

At the cart you have the 2 choices of what you would like your artwork printed on.  Both of them have a definite textured feel.

The textured rag is of the highest quality paper you can find.  The feel of it is like rough/textured/cold pressed water colour paper.  It feels amazing and gives it a painterly texture.

The canvas choice was something I felt I had feedback from those who were lovely enough to give me some feedback.  Not only does it have that textured, painterly feel and look but it also has a likeness to the original.

Each artwork only comes in up to 2 sizes of prints

For each artwork I’ll say the measurements for what this translates to.

This is because each original artwork maybe painted on a different size or shape canvas.  All you have to do is be sure you check the measurements before adding your chosen size to the cart that it’s the size you’d like to see on your wall.

These sizes are set in stone.  Sorry no alterations to the image size itself.  There can be minor adjustments made to the boader.  Each image will have a 50mm border when ordered.  For canvas prints this is important if you wish to get the print stretched (wrapped) when you receive it to display.  In the comments box leave me a message, maybe you’d rather not have a border at all.

Not sure what you want?  Any issues or concerns making your order just send me an email ([email protected])or leave a message here and I’ll be more than happy to help.

My prints are “Limited Edition”

This is something that I feel retains the artworks “specialness”.

As I let you know above, each artwork has been made available in at the most 2 different sizes, depending on the artwork.

The amount of prints made available will be 20 of each size.

This means once they’re are sold, there will be no more added duplications.  You’ll know that you’re one of 20 people to ever own that artwork at that size.  I feel that’s a nice little touch.

Each artwork is “made to order” (5-6 week waiting period)

Your print isn’t made until you order your artwork.

There’s a number of bonuses that comes with this.  You’re able to choose between paper or canvas and wether or not you’d like a boarder.  It also makes it a cinch to get it framed without it even leaving the printers. (check below under, “need your print framed?” for more info).

The downside is there will be a waiting period.  Please know this could be between 3-4 weeks for print only, framing maybe extra time (if required).  This gives me time to sign and number and send it off to your destination.  In busier times (Christmas lead up) this time may be longer and I will make every effort to keep within the specified times.

Not every artwork will be selected to be replicated

Not the easiest to call.  You will know in the details of each original artwork that gets released whether or not there will be prints made.

Each print has its very own Certificate of Authenticity  

Just like my originals, this certifies that what you have in your hands is a genuine, authorised copy of the original artwork.  Each print and its certificate will be personally numbered and signed by yours truly.

Each print comes unframed

Please know that the images you see in the gallery photos are a photoshop image of your chosen artwork in a staged room.  When purchasing your artwork it will come rolled and delivered in a tube.  This is the safest and most economical way to get your artwork to you.

For those living in the Geelong/Colac and surrounding areas there are pick up and alternative arrangement options available.  You even have the option to get you print framed at an additional cost (check below under, “need your print framed?” for more info).

Please just let me know when making your order in the comment field and we’ll have a discussion about your unique needs.

Each artwork has a gallery of potential framing options

This is purely done to give you a hand to visualise what your artwork will look like once framed in a variety of frame choices.

This can be a tricky process for some so I’ve taken the time to inset your artwork into these staged rooms to give you a little hand with envisioning your artwork in your home.

Once again, I will remind you that your print comes unframed.  Framing options are available at an additional cost (check below under, “need your print framed?” for more info).

Need your print framed?

When purchasing your artwork the default is for it to come unframed.  It will be sent to you rolled in a tube.  However, if you’re wanting your print framed at the time of printing there are a few things you should know first.

I’ll only be offering this to customers in the Colac/Geelong area.  This is due to the fragility of your artwork and the cost to handle or deliver it.  Please know framing comes at an added cost and time on top of the initial time period and price.

Frameline Framing work in conjunction with Ivory Images and are my chosen framer if you wish to have your artwork framed.  This is not only due to their large amount of experience but your print will be printed and framed all under the one roof saving time and expense.  You can check out their website here.

Overwhelmed?  Not to worry

There’s so much that can potentially go into the process of finding exactly what you need for your home.  I understand if the process is a little too much.  Please know I’m more than happy to guide you through your individual process.  Just send me a quick message and your contact details here or send me a message via email [email protected]

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