Bells Beach No. 3 | Limited edition print


Limited edition print of the original “Bells Beach No.3”

Archival giclée print on archival smooth cotton rag or poly cotton canvas

2 sizes available

Only 10 editions will be made across all sizes.

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Image sizes include 100 x 74.5 cm (approx. 103 x 78 cm inc. frame for canvas) or 130 x 100 cm (approx. 133 x 103 cm inc. frame for canvas)

Framing is only available for canvas print surfaces.  Unframed prints are available rolled in either paper or canvas.  Professional stretching &/or framing is advised for both print surfaces should you choose this option.  Please reach out here if you need any framing advice before purchase.

Hand signed and numbered by Lauren Danger

Certificate of Authenticity

This artwork is made to order when purchase is made.  Orders may take 2 weeks + shipping for unframed/unstretched  and 5-6 weeks + shipping for framed options.  Please allow for extended delays around Christmas New Year period

*Please note that the gallery images are for inspiration purposes only to help you envision your artwork framed.  The image is of a large size limited edition print.  For framing options, conditions apply.  Please see FAQ’s here for more details

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This artwork is a part of the Bells Beach series.  See here to view the series.



This artwork is a limited edition print of the “Bells Beach No.3” original artwork.

Please click here to read up on FAQ’s and details for my prints and here to see the entire series

The Bells Beach series is the follow up to the Point Addis series of the same style earlier this year.  Inspired by the iconic surf beach within Wathaurong Country.

Something I felt stood out in the Point Addis series was how challenging it was to paint a surf beach in my style.  The clean lines in the waves took me out of my comfort zone as coastlines such as the 12 Apostles series are more turbulent.  For me in my practice I wanted to take myself further outside my comfort zone and practice this type of water and chose the close by and beautiful Bells Beach.  Each artwork is inspired by images and perspectives taken all across this coastline.  I narrowed it down to these perspectives captured by local talent Linda Gorfol.

I also recently completed a commission artwork, “Barwon Heads”, where we lighten the water in colour, adding a turquoise which I was a huge fan of.  I wanted to incorporate it into my next series, that being Bells Beach.  It’s added a depth to the ocean and I hope you enjoy it too.

I often allow my artworks to take the lead when it comes to colour palette.  I come in with a general idea and go to what I’m drawn to at the time.  I feel the colours are richer with more yellow/gold and burgandy, deep magentas and chocolate brown tones compared to my previous works.   I adore how these colours bring the greens and blues to life in this series.




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Print Surface

Canvas, Smooth Rag


Framed (raw oak), Unframed / rolled