610 x 760 x 40 mm

Acrylic on stretched canvas

Ready to hang

White painted edges


Certificate of Authenticity

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There was a time when I had not long left school when I remember storing blank canvases in my cupboard.

Back then I was earning money after finishing school.  It was different from being at school, when I felt restricted to only being able to use what was in the art room.

I wouldn’t go crazy buying up big but I’d buy what I felt would unleash what I wanted to create.  I thought buying a canvas half my size was massive and got excited bringing it home.

I’d get home, and be in such a mood to start painting.  Then the “problems” would start popping up…

“I don’t have the right colours,”

“I don’t have enough colours,”

“I don’t have enough brushes,”

“I don’t have the right kind of brushes.”

The list was much longer but you get the drift.

It makes me laugh today but my perfectionism completely disabled me from even starting.

Fast forward to now it’s hard to get me to stop.  I don’t think I’ll ever completely get rid of that thinking, “this won’t work”.  I feel it keeps me grounded.

Before starting this artwork I let out a huge breath and said out loud, “trust”.  I began painting without any hesitation.  I don’t really remember doing this with other artworks but this one, definitely.  Maybe I said it out loud because the voice of perfection was pretty loud!!  What followed was an effortless flow of fun.

I think one of the greatest gift my art has given me is how to tame my perfectionism.  Not let it devour or disable me.  “Trust” is the perfect representation of this for me.  A symbol of that lesson, of the fun, freedom and joy that can be gained if we just let go.

This artwork would look amazing in a modern space, bringing colour to your home.  Take a look at the background options in the gallery to see how it looks in potential backgrounds.

Trust is created on a pre-made stretched canvas.  It comes unframed with white painted edges.  It’s ready to hang and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.