Celebration 6

340 x 340 x 55 mm

Dimensions include frame

Size of actual artwork 300 x 300 x 40 mm

Acrylic on high quality, custom made stretched canvas

Gloss varnished

Certificate of Authenticity

Framed in raw oak

Ready to hang

Shipping included except rural/remote areas.  Please send me a message here for a quote

Please note: Gallery images are for display purposes only and may not be to scale.




This artwork is an original by Lauren Danger made in August 2020.  It’s inspired by Celebration, the original.

Summer has come to a close.  The 1st of March for me not only marks a new season but also my fathers birthday.

Dad had passed last May.  So as the year has rolled on there’s been plenty of firsts.  This marked his first birthday without being here.

I remember the one thing that really brought the tears was that he was unable to experience the joy of life.  Doing what he loved, farming, using his saw mill and just generally being outside.  He really did embrace life to the fullest and in the way he saw the most fulfilling.  He saw no other way.

Watching him loose his strength to cancer was frustrating not just for him but for us to watch.  It broke my heart.  Most of what he loved doing was outside and physical.

Remembering these feelings I did shed a tear.  This day came right in the middle of a week where I felt tired and a little low on energy.  I’d say my pregnancy probably had a lot to do with it but not all.

Part of being quite a self motivated person I usually look to gratitude to inspire me.  Since dad’s passing, knowing I have the ability to do what I love, has been such a moving force behind my creativity.

As a friend beautifully put it’s a cause for celebration.  No, he’s not here to continue but without him I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have received all the wonderful gifts he’s given me.  Especially my creative spark.

“Celebration” was born from the energy my gratitude had given me this week.  Honouring dad’s birthday and the gifts he has given me.

“Celebration” would look amazing placed in a modern room in both a neutral palette or complementing colours.

You can find out all about the details of my originals here.

If there’s lots you love about this artwork but it’s unavailable or not quite the dimensions that are right for you please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss a commission by filling out the form here.  We can chat about making your very own artwork inspired by this piece..